Neon Baby

SKIRTS:                                                            The other day when shopping with my house mate she found this adorable neon pink Mink Pink skirt at Globalize for $59.95. It comes in neon blue and neon purple as well. I'm getting pretty excited for bright colours and summer so I've found some similar skirts that may just tickle your fancy.

Sparkle and Fade pleated neon blue skirt from Urban Outfitters

yellow neon skirt from sabo skirt

I think it looks so classy with the high neck black lace top!
the tan helps too. :)

            I purchased this neon orange nail polish from Coles in a throw out bin for 50c. Bargain! I believe they are normally only $2 which is cheap as chips anyway! (I can't find where to get them online so if you want this brand I think you'll have to hunt for them in a Coles super market. I'm sorry.)The photo doesn't do it justice for how neon it actually is. Picture a tradie's neon orange work vest. It's that bright! I made it even brighter by putting a coat of yellow nail polish under it. I've found an Essie neon orange and a Butter London neon pink that will bring out the lovely bright nails and will be easier to find in stores and online. Maybe try using a yellow polish under these as well. I'm sure it will help the colour pop.

Summer is coming here in Australia and the hotter it gets the more I am getting into the neon colours! I think the best way to wear neon is to keep it simple. Either nails or a skirt I think will be my go to when I'm in a neon mood. But hey, as confidence builds why not do both and a neon lip stick or top as well if you're feeling super daring.


  1. Love neon so much!!!! Neon colors are awesome for summer :)

    The Closet 365

  2. I love neon nails for summer, shame it's the winter in the UK!

  3. I really like neon too, and you're right it definitely suits the warmer climate!
    For a new blogger I think your blog is very together, looks great!


  4. Of course we can follow eachothers blog's, thank you for commenting on mine. Look forward to reading more.x

  5. great tip putting a coat of yellow underneath to make it pop!

    1. I think for neons it makes it pop more than white does. thanks for your comment xo

  6. Love bright skirts

  7. Love the all the neon! Thanks for visiting my blog! I'm your newest follower :) I hope you follow my blog too!

  8. I don't know how I feel about orange nails - I got some polish a little while ago to try out but it doesn't look nearly as good in real life as it does in pictures.

    But I do love the skirts!

  9. I loke your blogger!!!
    I follow you!I hope in my blogger that your follow me

  10. Love all things neon....

    following back btw :)



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