Weekend Wants



01. Nike's $100-$250. I want to go into a shoe shop and be fitted to the runners that are best suited to my needs. My new years resolution was to 'be happy' and I think exercise would definitely help me achieve happiness. I also think that if I reward myself with some nice runners I will be more motivated to go for a run as I will want to wear them.

02. Lululemon yoga crops $109. Although I don't do yoga I think these pants are so so cute! Back to the getting motivated to exercise thought, these would be amazing to put me a great mood and give me some energetic drive. I mean look at the colour!

03. Infinity ring $15 on etsy. Besides these rings being absolutly adorable I think the cute little encouragment they give is just amazing. If you're down you can look at it and think 'infinite happiness,' if you're having fun with your friends you can think, 'infinite friendship'. Any time of any day it has meaning. It would also be a beautiful gift to give to someone.

04. Blonde hair $? I think if I will dye my hair again I will do it at home. It cost me a hefty $235 at the salon and I am sure I can get the results I want at home for about $20. I wont go this light at the top but I am digging the light blonde ombre. 


  1. love the rings and your thinking behind them is so cute...good luck with the fit routine


  2. Love the infinity ring! Great post


  3. those tights look great! i want a pair now!
    would you like to follow each other on bloglovin'?
    let me know :)
    - Janine



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