Weekend Wants #2




Summer time in Australia means new bathers! 

01. T by Alexander Wang -- Mesh Combo Crew Racer Swim Top-- top $230. The black top and the netting is amazing on these bathers. The zip detail on the back of the bathers is super sturdy and I loved the fit of these. They would be great in the surf and you would be worry free with no movement in the top.

02. Rip Curl -- Mirage Colour Block Top -- top $49.99. Much much much cheaper than the Wang bathers this Rip Curl top is a nice twist on the usual triangle strappy bather top. The back detail is really unique but I don't know if it would be the best tan lines to have!

03. Tringl -- Decota Superfly Set -- $97. love the black and white mesh on the top its super on trend and I am a fan of bandeau tops. the zip (like the Wang top) adds some nice detail and is functionable as well. The orange bottoms are super cute and a great colour to make you look extra tanned! It is a pitty that the bathers are not sold in separates to reduce cost, however you ca still select different sizes for the top and bottom which is very handy. 


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