Happy New Year!
What are you most excited for?

I am so excited for 2014.
a) I turn 21 -  in Paris! (I’m Australian and have never been before)
b) I am travelling to Japan on a snowboarding trip
c) I am moving house – I already live out of home and have done so for 2 years. I am very excited to re decorate and for a bit of a change
d) my parents are moving to France! eeek
e) I’m on a university committee and can’t wait for the uni year ahead (half way with 2 years to go)

This year like everyone else, I will be making a few new years resolutions that I do intent to keep. In previous years the work ‘intend’ has been used lightly and I have been lucky to make it past January with my resolutions continuing. (I’m sure we are all guilty of this). J

2014 however, I actually feel I can keep my new years resolutions.

 --‘run 3 times a week and to improve muscle tone in my arms, abs and ass.’ --To show the full out line of my fitness goals I will be posting updates and routines through out the year.
--‘blog more’ – every bloggers resolution I’m sure.
--‘be organized and cleanly’
--‘live a happier life’

If you are yet to decide your new years resolutions I hope this helps and if you have already decided yours I would love to know if they are similar to mine or if there are any that I would like to add from your suggestions.

Anna xo


  1. You'll love Paris! It's so gorgeous. When are you going?

    Malvika :)

  2. Hello Pretty ! I'm new to the beauty community and I absoluletly LOVE your blog !
    My names Marina ,and Im from the states ! I'm 15 and Live in New York !
    It would be amazing if you could check out my blog and let me know how you feel on it and your vibes towards it ! Also contacting me on Twitter would be Lovely ! Have a wonderful day xoxo

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